Handling Long Distance Driving with High Mileage Oils

If you have more than 75,000 miles on your odometer, we highly recommend that you start using high mileage oils. It doesn’t matter whether you accumulated all that distance for 25 years or within 5 years. All that matters is the more your miles go up, the higher the chances of your engine developing issues. As such, it is important to always ensure you are up to date with ay maintenance service schedules.

High mileage oil comes in to help by allowing your engine to handle extreme temperatures better and keep your motor safe. This is because as engines get worn out, all other parts are also affected. You will notice that each cylinder might start to vary in their compression and the seals may be cracking or shrinking.

Get to Land Rover Fox Valley in Appleton for more details on using high mileage oils for your next oil change to increase your engine lifespan. Let’s get you sorted out fast!
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