Horsepower - Your Land Rover has Plenty of it, but Where Does this Word Come From?

When comparing cars, one of the most common terms that is often used for describing varying makes and models is horsepower. If you are lucky enough to possess a Land Rover SUV that you call your own, you already know that you have plenty of horsepower under the hood. But we want to explain where this word actually comes from.

Centuries ago, as steam engines were being introduced into widespread usage, everyday people needed a way to compare the output of the steam engine with common workloads that most had a similar understanding of. In 1782, James Watt coined the term “horsepower” to literally mean “the work produced by a horse in a specified amount of time”, which people knew and understood from their own experiences. Watt then used horsepower to compare the output of the steam engine he was designing for the mining industry with the output of the horses currently used in mining, to show off how powerful his invention truly was.

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