Safely Tow Your Trailer By Reading This Towing Guide

There is an art to towing a trailer, especially one that is loaded. Inexperience with towing is never an excuse for not doing it correctly. Not following a few simple rules can cause more than just an embarrassing situation.

Towing Guide

After making sure that your vehicle and trailer are equipped and functioning properly, there are some things you should know about how to handle it safely on the road. Here is a less-than-complete list to get you started.

  • Make sure the tires on the trailer are identical in size and construction and match the load.
  • Balance both sides of the trailer with evenly distributed cargo.
  • When backing, the trailer will not turn the same way as your vehicle, so be sure to practice this before getting started.

  • Tailgate, speed or brake heavily
  • Wire the trailer improperly for lights
  • Exceed the recommended towing capacity
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