Comparing Full-Size and Compact Spares

Vehicles on the roadways sometimes experience tire problems. Flat tires can occur in the middle of a local errand or a cross-country trip. The first line of defense is the spare tire. Today, car makers use many types of spares, but most are either full -sized or compact tires. The difference is significant for operating the vehicle.

Appleton-area drivers can use full-sized spares just as other regular tires. Compact tires require extra care when driving. The “donut” affects mileage, steering, and overall handling. Manufacturers intend the compact tire for a limited speed and a short distance; it is meant for temporary usage such as getting home or to a repair facility.

At Land Rover Fox Valley, we want area drivers to be safe on the roadways. Please call us when you need to repair or replace a tire. We have quality tires to match your manufacturer's recommendation. Please call or drop by today.



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