How to Prevent Motion Sickness to Enjoy Road Trips

Motion sickness can put a damper on your road trip or even prevent you from going on road trips. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat and prevent motion sickness, so you can begin enjoying travel.

You can ask your health care physician for a preventative drug that you can take before going on road trips. A common drug prescribed is dramamine. Other options are taking peppermint or ginger in pill form to help prevent nausea. If your motion sickness is mild, an acupressure band may be all you need. For bad bouts, you may have to take preventative medicine.

Also eat a filling meal one hour before traveling. It helps prevent nausea from occurring. Focus your gaze on a distant point in the horizon straight ahead of you and breathe slowly and deeply. This helps reduce or prevent symptoms of motion sickness.

With a little experimenting of these tips for preventing motion sickness, you will find the routine and combination that works for you. Stop by Land Rover Fox Valley to test drive a family-friendly vehicle ideal for road trips.



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