The Importance of Tire Pressure to Your Ride

It is very obvious that tire pressure matters. However, one thing that might not be obvious is the correct pressure. It can be easy to fall into the idea that more tire pressure is always better. However, having tire pressure that is too high can have its own set of problems.

One issue that can occur with tire pressure that is too high is that the tire loses its "grip". This makes it easier to get into a skid, especially on wet roads. At the same time, a tire with low PSI will make the vehicle work harder. This can also reduce the gas mileage. Therefore, you want to make sure that your tire PSI is at the optimum level. One way to figure out the recommended PSI is reading the tire itself.

Even with knowledge of the recommended PSI, it can be hard to get the right PSI without the right tools. We at Land Rover Fox Valley have the tools needed to make sure your tires have the right PSI.



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