Are You Ready For Roadside Emergencies?

Whether you're taking a short trip in Appleton or an extended journey nationwide, you should have a modern kit for emergency situations. Roadside assistance isn't always available in remote areas, so you should be prepared to handle unexpected situations with composure and confidence. A basic kit must include some jumper cables that are essential for restarting a depleted battery under the hood of your car.

Dealing with emergencies at night is even worse, so remember to pack some powerful flashlights and spare batteries. A weatherproof design is highly recommended by Land Rover Fox Valley if you live in an area with frequent precipitation. Additionally, a few reflective triangles and flares should be packed inside a roadside assistance kit. A flat tire is another common problem that you should be ready to handle during a trip. Bring a heavy-duty sealant, air compressor and lug wrench for a drive on rough roads that probably have sharp protrusions.



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