Protecting Vehicle Suspensions During Towing Trips is an Important Safety Factor

While many drivers enjoy the comforts that the bulk of modern vehicles have to offer, they are also rightly concerned about vehicular safety and performance. Here at Land Rover Fox Valley, we agree with this sentiment and as such we always try to find ways to help our customers and other drivers to meet this goal. One factor that is often overlooked during towing operations is the effect such trips may have on vehicular suspensions.

Depending on the weights of the loads in question, towing can place severe stresses on the components of vehicular suspensions. Practically speaking, this means that key components such as struts, shocks, and tires can be negatively impacted by improper towing setups. That said, there are many aftermarket technologies that are made to mitigate the effects of excessive suspension wear.

An example of such a technology is called a helper spring. These are specialized components that often cost less than $100 and are installable in no more than a couple of hours. Such helper springs can bear the extra weight imposed by trailers, and can thus level out and stabilize equipped suspension systems. Another commonly used tool to combat trailer weight damage is adjustable air inflated bags. These components are installable within leaf spring or regular spring systems, and can greatly reduce excessive towing related pressures.



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