The Truth About Motor Oil And Having It Changed

Motor oil and the ideal schedule for changing it can both be quite confusing. Many Appleton drivers have been exposed to a number of motor oil myths that are both untrue and widely circulated. Land Rover Fox Valley believes that people will fare far better in their automotive care once these myths have been properly debunked.

You Don't Have To Change Your Oil As Often As You Think You Do

Changing your oil once every 3,000 miles may be a waste of your money and time. The final authority on oil changes will always be the owner's manual that's specific to your vehicle. Surprisingly, many cars can go as far as 7,000 before needing to have this service performed.

Dark-Colored Oil Isn't A Bad Thing

Fresh oil tends to have a deep amber color. When you check your motor oil and find that it's grown dark, you might think that it needs to be changed right away. A good, modern motor oil, however, is designed to collect particulates from the engine and retain them. Due to this fact, you can consider a darker hue as meaning that the oil is actually working. Stop by dealer today to get answers to all your motor oil questions or to set up an appointment for service.


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