What to Expect from Windshield Chip Repair

For your safety, it's important to us at Land Rover Fox Valley that you know what to do when your windshield is damaged. In some cases, windshield chip repair is all you need to safely continue driving the car. If the crack is long or in front of the driver's seat, then you'll need to replace the windshield. Here's what you can expect from windshield chip repair: the chip to still be visible, a strengthened windshield and a reduced risk of the cracks spreading.

Although your windshield will look better after windshield chip repair, the spot may still be visible. Some drivers describe it as a bug speck. Because of the low cost of windshield chip repair, we think it's worth it to save the money. But if the aesthetic issue is a deal breaker for you, we'll replace the windshield. A chipped windshield is weakened. Repair will strengthen it again to decrease the chance of it sustaining more damage.

Schedule windshield chip repair as soon as possible to prevent the damage from spreading. This will improve how your windshield looks after repair. It will also ensure you won't need to replace the windshield if the crack gets too big.


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