How to Keep Your Vehicle in Good Condition This Winter

Is your vehicle prepared for winter? As the days grow shorter, having your vehicle inspected at Land Rover Fox Valley can be a good idea. Winter can cause adverse driving conditions, which include heavy snow and icy roads, and it's important that your vehicle's ready to take on winter weather. Follow these tips to help your vehicle run smoothly all winter long.

Having your vehicle's fluids and battery checked can be beneficial. A volt test can let you know if your battery needs to be replaced, and it's important to replace a faulty battery as soon as possible because it's harder for a battery to work properly in cold weather. It's also important to have your coolant and washer fluid checked.

It gets dark sooner during the winter, so be sure that all your bulbs are working. If your headlights are clouded or yellow, they should be replaced or treated with a headlight restoration kit. Investing in a set of winter tires can also be beneficial because they offer exceptional traction on ice-covered Appleton streets.


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